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Terry’s Take: Rest & Recovery


As sports medicine evolves and information sharing becomes more efficient, both highly paid athletes as well as the everyday gym goer are starting to better understand the importance of rest and recovery. We are seeing professional athletes like Tom Brady and LeBron James have extremely productive performances even after decades of wear and tear on…

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Trainer Spotlight: Mason Guthrie


Meet Mason Guthrie, one of Fondren Fitness’s new personal trainers! Mason is a NASM Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist. He has a background in nutrition and training with over 3000 hours of contact with clients.  Mason has a love for helping people develop a healthy lifestyle that works best for them as an individual, without…

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Trainer Spotlight: Marcus Tucker


Meet Marcus Tucker, one of Fondren Fitness’s new personal trainers! Marcus Tucker is a NASM certified personal trainer born in Laurel, MS. He has earned certifications in CPR/AED, Bodybuilding, Youth and Senior Specialization. He has a passion for helping others succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While achieving that goal, he acknowledges all workouts should…

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Employee Spotlight: Jay Carr


Meet Jay Carr, one of our employee’s at Fondren Fitness! Tell us something people may not know about you. I returned home to Mississippi from Europe in 2020 after ending my operatic career. I’m also a Certified Life Coach with designations in Relationships, Wellness, and Emotional Intelligence. I’m fascinated by the intersection where awareness and sex…

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Employee Spotlight: Jana Jett


Meet Jana Jett, Assistant Manager, Operations at Fondren Fitness! Jana was born in East Texas but has spent most of her life in Mississippi. Jana fell in love with fitness while searching for a way to quit smoking. She also credits fitness for aiding in a speedy recovery after back surgery in 2015. Jana enjoys…

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Terry’s Take: Jacobs Ladder


The term “Jacob’s Ladder” has several meanings and references.  From the Old Testament in the Bible, Jacob’s Ladder was a staircase into heaven that was dreamed of by Jacob.  It is also a nautical term for a rope ladder used at sea.  There have also been numerous works of literature and films entitled Jacob’s Ladder.  But to us, “Jacobs…

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Member Spotlight: Suzette Turner


Find out why we chose to spotlight Suzette by reading her answers to our four questions for Fondren Fitness members! Suzette just graduated from Ole Miss Law and will be working in Jackson after she takes the bar in February! She is originally from Denver, CO, but she moved to Mississippi when she got her…

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2021….We Are Coming for You!


It’s that time of year again, but this time it feels just a little different. The year 2020 threw us some major curveballs and greatly affected just about every facet of our lives, including our health and fitness. Some of us spent more time indoors and may have sought comfort in food and in doing…

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Personal Trainer Spotlight: Ursula Cavalcanti


Meet one of our Fondren Fitness personal trainers, Ursula! Ursula is originally from Atlanta, GA and recently graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in May of 2020 where she earned her Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences. She also received a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences from Mississippi State University in 2019. She is…

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Member Spotlight: Johnson Williamson


Find out why we chose to spotlight Johnson by reading his answers to our four questions for Fondren Fitness members! 1. Why did you choose Fondren Fitness as your workout home?  I chose Fondren Fitness because it’s a great deal for my family. No one else offers the combination of amenities and knowledgeable staff for…

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