Employee Spotlight: Jay Carr

Meet Jay Carr, one of our employee’s at Fondren Fitness!

  1. Tell us something people may not know about you.

I returned home to Mississippi from Europe in 2020 after ending my operatic career. I’m also a Certified Life Coach with designations in Relationships, Wellness, and Emotional Intelligence. I’m fascinated by the intersection where awareness and sex and intimacy collide!

  1. What is some advice you would give to someone that is looking to begin a healthy lifestyle?

Don’t let “not knowing where to start” keep you from starting. Making little changes to your daily routine may seem insignificant, but those little changes are a big deal. 

  1. The last year has been challenging, what did you learn about yourself during this pandemic?

During my time in Europe I learned to be my own best friend – to value my own company. That served me well during the Pandemic.  

4. What do you enjoy most about working at Fondren Fitness?

Motivation. At any given moment you can take a look around the gym and find at least five people who are really pushing themselves and putting in the work. From that, I find new ideas, new routines, and new goals.