Terry’s Take: Jacobs Ladder

The term “Jacob’s Ladder” has several meanings and references.  From the Old Testament in the Bible, Jacob’s Ladder was a staircase into heaven that was dreamed of by Jacob.  It is also a nautical term for a rope ladder used at sea.  There have also been numerous works of literature and films entitled Jacob’s Ladder.  But to us, “Jacobs Ladder” means one thing – intense cardio!

You may have noticed it in our TRX zone – a rectangular object slanted toward the ceiling with wooden ladder rungs – but may not have known what it is for or how to use it. The Jacobs Ladder (notice the apostrophe is not included in the brand name), according to their website, is designed specifically for high intensity, low impact exercise. Users burn calories at a much higher pace with a lower perceived exertion rate when compared with treadmills. Plus, since it’s a low impact exercise, it’s possible to have a high-energy workout without significant strain on the body. Jacobs Ladder is functional exercise, making it useful for rehabilitation, circuit training, personal training, high-intensity intervals and endurance training. 

From my own experience, I find the Jacobs Ladder to provide a deceiving high calorie burn while incorporating both upper and lower body movements.  A good five minutes on it will provide a great warmup for strength training, or, if you are up for a real challenge, see how many steps and how many calories you can burn on a longer session of 20 to 30 minutes.  When using the Jacobs Ladder keep two things in mind – if you feel light-headed or just need to stop abruptly, quit moving and hold on.  You will ride down to the bottom and the machine will safely stop.  And make sure you put on the safety strap before you stop climbing.  

Come on into Fondren Fitness and give the Jacobs Ladder a try, and please let us know what you think – after you quit sweating!