Member Spotlight: Johnson Williamson

Photo Courtesy of Johnson Williamson

Find out why we chose to spotlight Johnson by reading his answers to our four questions for Fondren Fitness members!

1. Why did you choose Fondren Fitness as your workout home?

 I chose Fondren Fitness because it’s a great deal for my family. No one else offers the combination of amenities and knowledgeable staff for under $50 per month. The staff goes out of their way to offer helpful advice and make sure you are getting what you need out of your membership.

2. Describe your typical workout at Fondren Fitness. 

I do mainly cardio. I’ll typically come in and run a mile on the treadmill, then use the air bike, and then the rowing machine or the Stairmaster. I’ve also tried the Jacob’s Ladder machine, which is pretty intense.

3. How do you motivate yourself on days you don’t feel like exercising? 

When I’m not feeling motivated, I use my kids as motivation. I’m 41 years old with four kids ages five and under. I’ve got to feel good every day to be on top of my game for them, and staying in a consistent workout routine helps me do that. 

4. What do you wish other people knew about Fondren Fitness? 

I make use of the discount at Mama Natures next door on a regular basis for a healthy snack after my workout.