Introducing the New Fondren Fitness App!


We are very excited to release our new app available for both Apple and Android. As you know we recently converted to a new software system called Club Automation and this app is an extension of the new system.   Just search for “Fondren Fitness” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and…

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Instructor Spotlight: Chasidy Johnson


Meet Fondren Fitness instructor Chasidy Johnson! My name is Chasidy Johnson, and I’m a personal trainer/influencer. I fell in love with fitness in 2012. I started competing in NPC shows doing bikini competitions and found that my hard work paid off! I competed for 3 years and enjoyed competing until I realized I had a…

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Member Spotlight: Patrick Harkins


Find out why we chose to spotlight Patrick by reading his answers to our four questions for Fondren Fitness members! Patrick Harkins has been a Fondren Fitness member since it opened in 2019.  He has lived in Fondren with his wife Haley and their three boys Hank, Gus, and Skip for a long time. He…

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Terry’s Take: Rest & Recovery


As sports medicine evolves and information sharing becomes more efficient, both highly paid athletes as well as the everyday gym goer are starting to better understand the importance of rest and recovery. We are seeing professional athletes like Tom Brady and LeBron James have extremely productive performances even after decades of wear and tear on…

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Trainer Spotlight: Mason Guthrie


Meet Mason Guthrie, one of Fondren Fitness’s new personal trainers! Mason is a NASM Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist. He has a background in nutrition and training with over 3000 hours of contact with clients.  Mason has a love for helping people develop a healthy lifestyle that works best for them as an individual, without…

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Trainer Spotlight: Marcus Tucker


Meet Marcus Tucker, one of Fondren Fitness’s new personal trainers! Marcus Tucker is a NASM certified personal trainer born in Laurel, MS. He has earned certifications in CPR/AED, Bodybuilding, Youth and Senior Specialization. He has a passion for helping others succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While achieving that goal, he acknowledges all workouts should…

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