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Terry’s Take: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. The time in which we reflect on how much we have overeaten during the holidays, how many times we skipped the gym to watch football and how badly we need to get our fitness back on track. And it is during this time, the beginning of a new year, that many of us set forth our New Year’s Resolutions.

At Fondren Fitness, we have prepared ourselves and are ready for a surge of new and old members that are looking to kick off 2020 with a new commitment to exercise. We know that many times, their successes or failures depend on their ability to set reasonable goals and stick to them.

Here are my five rules for mastering those New Year’s Resolutions and having a successful start to 2020:

1. Set reasonable goals and write them down – Our New Year’s Resolutions are basically the changes we are willing to make to reach our goals. Therefore, we can’t really make the right resolutions until we set goals. When setting goals, make reasonable short term and long term goals and write them down somewhere where you are likely to see them on a regular basis. Mark goals down on a calendar so that you know if you are on track. A short term goal may be to lose an inch off of your waistline in two months and a long term goal may be to run a particular half marathon during the summer. Be specific and set reasonable yet challenging goals.

2. Commit to making your new resolutions your new lifestyle – Now that you have thought through your goals and know the action steps to reach them (your resolutions), it is time to re-examine your mindset. Many times I see people that take this first step but fail to turn these action steps into permanent lifestyle changes, and are making the same resolutions year after year. This year, commit to making long term changes so that next year you can be resolution free!

3. Have an accountability partner(s) – One of the great things about joining a community-focused fitness center like Fondren Fitness is that it plugs you into a network of people that have health and fitness as a shared interest. Getting to know members and instructors can help you start to establish your accountability team, whether that be just you and one other person, or perhaps a running group. Let others inspire you, but also know that you have the ability to inspire others and hold others accountable.

4. Set up rewards for hitting your goals – Knowing that rewards await can sometimes be the motivation you need to get out of bed at 5 AM and hit the gym or go for that run outside in the cold weather. Make sure your rewards mirror the aggressiveness of the goal. For example, if you meet your short-term goal of losing an inch off of your waist, then reward yourself with a massage. But for your long-term goal, reward yourself with a full spa day – pick what motivates you and go for it!

5. Join Fondren Fitness! – Joining a fitness center at the beginning of 2020 would be a wise decision to help you stick to your resolutions and meet your goals. If you haven’t already joined, stop by our location in Fondren at 2807 Old Canton Rd. to work out for free and to find out more about our current promotions. We would love to have you as part the Fondren Fitness community!!