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Member Spotlight: Paul Sabbatini

Find out why we chose to spotlight Paul by reading his answers to our four questions for Fondren Fitness members!

1. Why did you choose Fondren Fitness as your workout home?

I chose FF initially because of the location. When the announcement was made that FF would be opening up there was almost no hesitation that it would become “my gym.” I work out early in the morning before work, so I loved the idea of having a gym right up the street. (Literally less than half a mile.)

2. Describe your typical workout at Fondren Fitness. 

During my workouts, my goal is to keep my heart rate elevated. Lately the workouts have been consisting of 800-1000 meter rowing intervals in between sets of weight training. I will do 2-3 sets of a weight training exercise for 10-12 reps, then get on the row machine and row 800-1000 meters as fast as possible. I will interchange between rowing and weight training 3-4 times. (My goal is to row at least 2 miles and do at least 4 different weight training exercises of a particular muscle group.) 

3. How do you motivate yourself on days you don’t feel like exercising? 

For me, it has been a near 10 year lifestyle transformation and losing a lot of weight to get to where I am now. I still have goals set out for myself, and a weight I want to get back to. In order to achieve this, I do my best to keep those at the center of my routine. I have learned to “listen” to my body in order to get the most out of my workouts. Meaning I can tell when I need rest and I am not ashamed to take it. Finding a balance of days off and training days has truly helped me.  

4. What do you wish other people knew about Fondren Fitness? 

This sounds cliche, but the staff and personal trainers at FF are amazing. I would even say that some of them have become friends. Fondren Fitness is small enough that working out on a daily routine at the same time, you learn who will be there and gain mutual respect for the other folks around you as they workout. Plus, all the equipment is barely a year old.