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Let’s Talk Parking…

If you’ve been to Fondren recently, you’ll notice that we collaborated with the other businesses in our shopping center to repave the parking lot, add LED lights, and install a bike rack. If you’re wondering more about parking, you’ve come to the right place.

Between the hours of 7am and 6pm, parking in our lot will be mandated to a 90-minute time limit which will be strictly enforced. There are 94 spots in our parking lot.

After 5pm on weekdays, and during weekends, you may park in WBA Architecture’s parking lot (2727 Old Canton Road, right behind Cups). There are 50 available spots there.

During our first week of operation (August 5th-August 11th), you can park directly behind the Chevron gas station only. Monday through Friday after 5pm and during the weekend of our first week, you are welcome to park in the lot behind both Chevron and Aladdin.

Our security guard is happy to assist you to and from your vehicle between 8pm and 6am.